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Windansea Capital purchases multifamily properties with investors in strong markets across the United States.


The Company maximizes profitability by implementing a value-add plan and optimizing property operations.


Windansea Capital is an owner-operator, and manages the operations of its assets.


1  Quinn Konitshek, Windansea Capital CEO & Founder, personally invests in all of the company's deals. Windansea has aligned interest with its investors. Basically, we are both operators and passive investors in our deals seeking to achieve the same goal. 

2 We are a very hands-on operator, who combines passion to real estate with technology. Windansea Capital seeks to use data, seek patterns and make data-driven informed decisions backed by technology. We have access to institutional quality data, analytics, and systems normally reserved for large institutional investors with out charging the exorbitant fees. 

3 We are a very conservative company. Our underwriting is forward-looking, yet very conservative when it comes to income projections, debt structure and capital expenditure budgeting. We believe in hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

5 We believe in full transparency and honesty. No investment is 100% free of risk, and though our performance rate is very high, we share with our investors the good and the bad, by providing monthly updates and sharing quarterly financial reports with our investors.

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Real Estate Target Markets


Windansea Capital approaches its acquired properties as long-term investments and aims to maximize returns by revitalizing and adding value to properties through the progressive, data-driven implementation of renovation or reposition strategies, focused management, and leasing and capital programs shaped and made more efficient by new technologies.

The firm seeks to invest in and develop properties located in Opportunity Zones and markets with strong fundamentals and that meet the following criteria:

Areas of Investment

  • Multi-Family (B&C class multifamily in urban markets)

  • Target Markets: Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Denver, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, Charlotte, Phoenix

  • Location Criteria: Areas with population growth compounded by a lack of housing supply to meet current market demands. Areas with close proximity to employment centers, commercial amenities, schools, medical facilities, and high-volume corridors with access to mass transit.

  • Transaction Type: Direct acquisitions of existing operational properties or portfolios



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